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Poles Apart II – Northern Lights

Motorcycle touring Europe & the Arctic

Riders: Gareth Morgan, Jo Morgan, Phil Lough, Tony Armstrong, Roger Clausen, Chris Stephens,
Motorcycles: BMW F650 GS Dakar, BMW F650 GS
Distance: 15,136km
Countries: England, Scotland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Luthiania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Holland

Trip description: Part II of this years ‘Poles Apart’ theme. Our circular route for this journey takes in the many wonders of Europe whilst Gareth contemplates Climate Change in the face of the Northern polar ice cap.

Blogs from the trip

Fuel Update

We have two more countires to add to our fuel comparision list. Here is the summary spreadsheet. Petrol 95 Octane Country Cost per litre Equivalent NZD per Litre % more Expensive than NZ England  1.26 $3.30 33.86% Iceland  182 $2.89 24.54% Denmark 11.05 $2.76 21.09% Norway 14.02 $3.63 39.95% New Zealand   $2.18   Norway […]

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The Price of Gas

My first exposure to EU pricing came after I picked up the first Dakar from storage in England. I pulled in a the Shell service station in Ickenham only to find that it cost ₤ 17 sterling to fill one of the bikes. The bikes weren’t completely empty but the fuel lights were on.   In […]

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Iceland Entree

Disembarking in the fog and quickly climbing the mountains to an ice-capped summit we thought maybe all we’d see of Iceland during a 7 days circumnavigation would be fog. But within an hour that fear was dealt to and conditions cleared to reveal a vast volcanic barrenness that is the north east of Iceland. It […]

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Up the Isles

We unpacked our bikes from the barn near Heathrow where they’d been stored and rode up Britain to John O’Groats. No dramas really – bit of trouble getting used to the new GPS and some wrong turns but all pretty smooth as we rode through the drizzle that apparently is not uncommon for an early […]

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Chook of England

Well here I go again, off on another trip with the worldbybike team. (Why? Not sure at this stage will find the answer on the way) The start of my journey begins at Heathrow airport with the friendly smile of a long time friend of mine “Chook” of England. Chook (Kevin Gorman) and I have […]

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On the Road Again

Yes the global traverse resumes Tuesday June 10th when the crew flies to London to dust off the Africa bikes, get them north to Scotland and then on the ferry to Seyoisfjordur! Where the hell is that you may well ask – it’s out on the east coast of Iceland and it’s from there we […]

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