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Poles Apart II – Northern Lights

Motorcycle touring Europe & the Arctic

Riders: Gareth Morgan, Jo Morgan, Phil Lough, Tony Armstrong, Roger Clausen, Chris Stephens,
Motorcycles: BMW F650 GS Dakar, BMW F650 GS
Distance: 15,136km
Countries: England, Scotland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Luthiania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Holland

Trip description: Part II of this years ‘Poles Apart’ theme. Our circular route for this journey takes in the many wonders of Europe whilst Gareth contemplates Climate Change in the face of the Northern polar ice cap.

Blogs from the trip


Tea with Queen

What better spot to land on England’s shores than the white cliffs or Dover. It was howling a gale so we didnt hover long and retreated to savour a Pint with FISH and CHIPS in town. It was amongst  these wonderful tastes and smells that Gareth recalled his regret of not finishing the Africa ride at […]

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I’ve been busy

There is always an excuse not to write blogs about our trip, and that is mine. We haven’t had a day off the bikes since Astrakhan, at the end of our North South traverse of Russia. We had 3 currencies in a day, 6 countries in a week and when we got to the amazing […]

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The motorways have had us crossing Germany, Holland, Belgium, and France very quickly. It’s not easy riding though with trucks galore and fast cars in the fast lane on your tail. Calais appeared with us all intact and it was vote time. Ferry or Tunnel ? Tunnel won out cos no one had been on […]

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We passed into Slovakia yesterday, through a checkpoint charlie ghost town, weeds growing around the buildings. A sign of past control and the freedom and unity of belonging to to the EU. It was a great days riding too through back country roads and forests and ending up here in Levoca south of the Polish […]

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 I was working in the lab …. – or so begins the Monster Mash song. And that was the tune ringing in our ears as we rode into The Alps of Transylvania, en route to the famous castle of Vlad situated at Dram, deep in the heart of this territory nowadays part of Romania, but […]

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A Day with UNICEF in Romania

  Leaving Moldova for Romania we soon arrived in Iasi (pronounced Yash) where UNICEF had organised a couple of field visits for us. They’re always a highlight of these motorcycle trips and you get a unique perspective on the country you’re passing through. In this case our organised programme was interrupted because the area had […]

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