Into the Polar Extremities

We’re now up at almost 83 degrees north, deep into the pack ice and well north of Svalbard. It’s the home of seals, walrus, polar bears and the birds that we’ve been immersed in for a few days now. As opposed to the last occasions we’ve been anywhere near this far north, the polar bear […]

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It’s the height of summer so there’s no pack ice near Svalbard, we will have to sail on beyond 82 degrees north to locate it this year. But the archipelago has it’s own charm anyway with its ice cap providing an abundance of glaciers that tumble down towards the sea. It’s capital Longyearbyen, provides the […]

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Norwegian Wood

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks cruising the length of Norway, winding our way along fjords and getting as far north as Tromso, the springboard for our voyage around Svalbard. Norway has a similar population to New Zealand but its largest seven cities contain only 2 million – compared to New Zealand’s big seven […]

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A peaceful wander in the Cotswolds?

Now we’ve parked up the bikes it’s time for another 3 months of global wandering, this time by bicycle, on foot, zodiacs and a cruise ship. This should provide time for the bum to recover from 3 month’s in the saddle. So first we’re to Mother England and a taste of “That’s Country” with some […]

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Dog Day Afternoon

They are always the bane of motorcyclists’ lives – dogs that run out at you and threaten to get under your front wheel. Over our years of riding the world our worst dog experiences were in the Peru highlands where the dog’s seemed more like wolves, were clearly not used to motorcycles coming down the […]

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