Baffling Balkans 6 – Macedonia

We entered Macedonia from the shores of Lake Ohrid on the border with Albania and then road over the hill pass of Prespa National Park to Lake Prespa and on to Bitola. The country still has a big legacy to the communist era to overcome – horribly large, unkempt Soviet style apartment blocks in provincial […]

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Baffling Balkans 5 – Albania

Back into the mountains – yeah ! There’s something about vast flats as those that comprise Kosovo, that is of little appeal to motorcyclists. But then from the border post into Albania through the hills of Valbona, to the ferry trip down Lake Koman, the topography instantly warms the motorcycling heart. Rock massifs and blue […]

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Baffling Balkans 3 – Montenegro

Montenegro is another that is nowadays a member of NATO, the WTO and queuing up to get into the EU, yet in a referendum in 1992 it voted overwhelmingly to be part of the envisaged Greater Serbia. And the population is 29% Serb, 45% Montenegrins. Apparently the numbers fluctuate wildly between censuses depending on how […]

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6 Countries in 4 Days

Coming from NZ it’s hard to envisage that you could do this with ease, but Europe is altogether different and when you set yourself the goal of riding as many mountain roads as the snow conditions will allow, you inevitably are criss-crossing over Passes that form the borders between countries. So for us to go […]

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Back to the Mountains

Into the Alps this time – French, Swiss, Italian, Austrian –it’s all the same range just carved up by national borders. Unfortunately for us we’re a bit early in the season to be able to ride the passes here – unlike in the Pyrenees, they are still all closed for winter. If we’d been here […]

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Pyrenees Freeze

The snow capped roads of the Pyrenees provided somewhat of a challenge to our heavily laden bikes, but steady-as-she-goes kept us all upright – even though it was every bit as cold as the Brass Monkey can be back home that we normally do if we’re in NZ.

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