“Pinctures” in Norway

No Tony don’t you mean “Punctures”……

There is one thing that I have learnt about bike trips, tell your story before someone else does. 

Today was an eventful day, we had planned to cover just on 460kms. Things were going well until we left the local eatery after lunch only to see that one of the bikes appeared to have a puncture. I quickly extracted my tools and in no time had the front wheel of the bike and tube removed. On inspection the tyre and tube seemed to be fine, there was no puncture. It appears that the valve was leaking……

 So I started to re-assembly the tyre and yes you guessed it, I pinched the tube. So out it came again and we started once more with one of the African spares. Trying to ensure that I didn’t make the same mistake again….. …. this too went down. This time however in my defence it was due to a small pin hole in that tube. So onto the third attempt and yes I pinched this one as well, Bugger !!!  (Well a few more words than that)

 With my reputation in the dumps I turned to Roger and said you had better put in a special word for us. He stated that this had already been done!!!!

Anyway the last attempt resulted in success and we were off again.  

Summary: one lose valve = 2 Punctures.   


Beaurepairs (Tony A)

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