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Casablanca to the Caucuses


Gareth Morgan- BMW GS800

Joanne Morgan  – Suzuki DR650

Dave Wallace – BMW GS650 Dakar
Distance: 15,039km
Countries: Morocco, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal, Andorra, France, Switzerland, Italy, Leichenstein. Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia

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In Dublin’s Fair City …

In Dublin’s Fair City … .. where the construction cranes are so pretty. The Irish republic is having a fair economic boom right now, with economic growth on a par with that of China. Difference is that Irish GDP per capita puts it amongst the richest seven countries in the world (as is Norway) – […]

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Play Misty for Me

Deep in the Norwegian fjords now as we wind down our six week sojourn swanning around the Scandinavian north and before we set off for the Shetlands. The weather we’ve had up here has been phenomenal, like mid-summer in NZ. But that’s now changed and we’re back to a traditional Scandinavian summer – lots of […]

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Into the Polar Extremities

We’re now up at almost 83 degrees north, deep into the pack ice and well north of Svalbard. It’s the home of seals, walrus, polar bears and the birds that we’ve been immersed in for a few days now. As opposed to the last occasions we’ve been anywhere near this far north, the polar bear […]

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It’s the height of summer so there’s no pack ice near Svalbard, we will have to sail on beyond 82 degrees north to locate it this year. But the archipelago has it’s own charm anyway with its ice cap providing an abundance of glaciers that tumble down towards the sea. It’s capital Longyearbyen, provides the […]

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