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These bumpy roads can be hard work on the bikes

The first leg of this jaunt from Karachi, Pakistan was about 8000km   and with two  new DR650 Suzukis plus Dave’s older Dakar 650 having had a thorough going over, everything was up to scratch. This first leg began in pretty extreme heat conditions in Pakistan deserts and temperatures were as high as  53 degrees Celsius. […]

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Down to the wire & still 600kms to go. Will it make it? Yes!!


Well this is a bike trip so I suppose we should talk about these trusty beasts that take us. Gareth’s rear tyre is getting a bit bald, as is he, but we can fix the tyre. Hopefully it will be ok as we only have 1200 km to the end of this ride. Gareth also […]

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My hero

What a Dive

Acapulco and the cliffs famed for the high diving spectacular have always been my ultimate dream. Not watching but doing……but…….I suspect I have left my cliff diving too late,, that is if I intend to survive it. We went for the sunset event and settled into the La Perla restaurant with a wonderful close view […]

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Mexican delights

We are really enjoying the Pacific coast of Mexico. From the hot, scrubby, arid interior of Mexico to Porto Escondido where we lay in the sea’s shallows as the huge rolling surf was too much. Surfers played in the clear blue briny while we had a day of rehydration and then continued back into the […]

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Tugging on heart-strings and shirt sleves

It has been a surprise to see the number of children and adults out selling trinkets on the street and the number of elderly who sit palm out begging. This has been of epidemic proportions in some tourist places and is likely to discourage tourists, as you feel constantly harassed. The adults are a different […]

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A mountain town for Easter

The road through the western part of the Yucatan peninsular to this mountain town was a wonderful winding route, through many villages that were already dressed for Easter. We looked out for, but didn’t see any, Judas burnings that are a part of the Easter Saturday rituals in very catholic Mexico. This little mountain town […]

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To Belize City

The queues at the border from Guatemala to Belize left us feeling wrung-out from heat and chaos and then a chemical spray team targeted us and demanded BZ $10 each bike. Next time I’ll do a runner as the receipt means nothing. So east through a flat, almost sea level Belize. We saw a poor […]

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