The Price of Gas

My first exposure to EU pricing came after I picked up the first Dakar from storage in England. I pulled in a the Shell service station in Ickenham only to find that it cost ₤ 17 sterling to fill one of the bikes. The bikes weren’t completely empty but the fuel lights were on.  

In some way it was a relief to see the high price of petrol in England, knowing that New Zealand still has a long way to go to match the prices of the UK. I have decided to track the petrol prices during this trip and now have two data points, England and Iceland. 

            England price per litre is ₤ 1.26

            Iceland price per litre is 182 Icelandic Kroner 

When converted to NZ dollars and compared with the recent NZ cost of $2.18 per litre, this is how 95 Octane stacks up: 

England            =  $ 3.30 (34% higher)

Iceland             =  $ 2.89 (25% higher) 

So dig out the V8 and enjoy. By the way the price of diesel in England and Iceland is higher than that of petrol. A comforting position for us Kiwi’s when we consider the cost that we pay to fish the Cook Strait back home.  

Tony A

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