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Gringos Across the Amazon

Jungle motorbike adventures in South America

Riders: Gareth Morgan, Jo Morgan
Motorcycles: BMW F800GS
Distance: 10,210km
Countries: Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia

Trip description: Back riding in Latin America – the plan is to start where we left off from the “Up the Andes’ ride – in Brazil. Plunging into the Amazon territories of Brazil, French Guyana, Suriname and Guiana – part road, part jungle and part river and sea crossings, is our first challenge.

Then we intend to follow that up with a traverse of Venezuela in time to get to, Colombia for Christmas. Feels like a great way to cap off a wonderful year of riding on the South American continent.

Blogs from the trip

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UNICEF Project, Bogota

We’ve reached our destination , Bogota, and it is UNICEF day – a day we always look forward to on these rides, because we get to get up  close and personal with a community that day in day out face the reality of survival. Last night two young men were killed, a week ago six […]

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Final day problems

Well we are early on the road to get to Bogota and sort the end of trip stuff that has to be done. Bike storage, getting luggage cleaned and boots scrubbed for immigration and agricultural checks back into NZ. All seems well and our GPS route matches the road signs today, a pleasant change. Heading […]

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Off the main routes all manner of encounters in store

A short day gets longer

We awake in a great little Spanish town of Barichara, at 2600m. We had stayed in a posada selected mainly because it could fit the bikes with-in the walls, for our night security. The small double bed touched three of the walls and when you opened the wooden shutters for light you looked out on […]

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Sunday morning in Pamploma, Colombia

This is a gorgeous old spanish style town. We had Saturday evening promenading with the towns folk, and even an invitation to stay with Christina , a local school teacher. Doors are open, church bells are constant and frantic, the hotels don’t have armed guards, concerts in the street, welcome to Colombia. We are up […]

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Chavez is Chilling

Now we’re out of Venezuela I can say it. Hugo Chavez cuts a chilling figure. Put bluntly he is inciting people to lawlessness and while we were there he was on the television telling the “poor” to occupy properties that the “:rich” own as they have enough. One of the contacts we made spent most […]

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How many men & years does it take to fix a cable car in Venezuela?

Exciting mountain road to Merida

We have cut a gentle arc across Venezuela, some great highways and many hectic, narrow truck filled roads. Pot holes and washouts are ever present so total vigilance is needed, and the use of blinkers and ¨emergency flashers¨ is as variable and unpredictable as the driving. A truck head-on collision that we could skirt around […]

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Up the Andes – Again

At last, we’re in the Andes again. It seems an age since we saw them last – indeed it was back in March, way down in Terra del Fuego where they rise out of the sea. And here we are today rejoining them at their northernmost tip in Venezuela. It’s been too long. This is […]

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Petrol -head heaven

Into Venezuela, horror stories of rip-offs and attacks are all you hear. We pull into the fuel station to fill the bikes and the extra tanks – just in case. Gareth is yelling at me, “What is a 100 worth?” “Only $NZ 20” I tell him “Are we being ripped off he wants more I […]

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Borders, frustration and fraud

We have had quite a few borders to cross this trip, and it never amazes us how some borders devise procedures that are so inefficient and frustrating. We were getting along pretty well and feeling pretty smug ,, just waiting for a fall. On the early ferry into Suriname, we had our exit stamp from […]

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