Jo’s first report from Reykjavik

I woke today with the smell of bacon and eggs wafting from the kitchen, Tony was doing our breakfast. Table service was provided by Roger and coffee by Phil. Gareth was doing the reading of what’s on in the capital of Iceland. Aren’t I the luckiest girl in the world having such a group of travel companions.

So far we have done a wet and cold ride up Scotland to John o’ Groats, with the castles and past grand era a sharp contrast to NZ. Then to an 18 hour Danish ferry  ride via the Faeroe Islands to the cold and misty Port of Seydisfjiordur. Crawling up the hill out of town in thick mist, 3 degrees, we wondered if we had taken on too much, but once up on the North Eastern plateau it was sunny and hot.  Many of the volcanic areas are similar to NZ and a highlight was the soak in a huge hot lake overlooking the sunny icecaps at midnight.

We have continued around the island through great green areas of crop  growing and hay mowing and have seen a few trees at last.

Quite a few bikes came on the ferry but we haven’t seen many on the thick gravel and slippery scoria roads that are common away from the sealed ring road.

XX  Jo

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