Iceland Entree

Disembarking in the fog and quickly climbing the mountains to an ice-capped summit we thought maybe all we’d see of Iceland during a 7 days circumnavigation would be fog. But within an hour that fear was dealt to and conditions cleared to reveal a vast volcanic barrenness that is the north east of Iceland. It is panoramic but desolate and the scoria gives way at times to pure earth’s crust upturned during the upheaveals that made this land. Together with Macquarie Island which we’d visited just 3 months ago, Iceland is the only place you can see the earth’s crust exposed.

But as well as the ancient events that formed this land there is also the fauna, wiether unique or rare  that a visit to Iceland can throw up. For example the rare Gyrfalcon or the Puffins that hide in the grasses clinging to the cliffs of this special island.

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