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Riding the Pyrenees

Mountain roads, always a favourite for motorcycling – and we have the Pyrenees, French and Swiss Alps in quick succession, so by the time we leave Western Europe our mountain fix should be satisfied. Starting on the West coast of Northern Spain and exiting Spain via Andorra into France has given us a great combination […]

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European Roads Take A Toll

Already on the European mainland we realise how cosmic the roading system is compared to ours in NZ. We most often have “Avoid Toll Roads”, “Avoid Highways” enabled on our GPS’s so as to keep our ride to the back country and small villages. But often these roads criss-cross over and below the fast roads […]

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Portugal – A Regional Perspective

New Zealand and Spain have about the same per person income, Portugal’s is roughly three quarters of ours. But the regional disparities are significant. 1. The Alentjo Billed as Portugal’s largest but poorest region, this region of Portugal that’s south of Lisbon reminds us very much of those areas abandoned by progress – left with […]

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Iberia – Once was an Empire

Iberia is a mere 8 miles across the water from Morocco and yet as we ride across it and read about it, we find it’s another region with a long and surprising history – in this case from over 1.2 million years of inhabitation when Homus Erectus walked these lands. It is hard to think […]

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Nasty Goring and No Beer

3rd day riding, 160kms that feels like 400km such is the stress of dodging everything on the road. Two great road stops though, the first for morning tea in a shed roadside in the jungle where the offering was hot water and a packet of biscuits. As is the protocol during Ramadan, we knew it […]

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Pack Down and into the Heat

The plane descends toward Medan, hits the runway with a thump and we’re here, the north end of Sumatra, ready to start the next leg of our WorldbyBike global motorcycling epic. This is Year 16 and this East Indies Indulgence just a 5,000km meander to keep our appetite for riding the world sharp, until the […]

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