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CS Day 52 Rio Grande to Ushuaia 15


As I rode my bike south for what might be the last time, I remembered as a child of 9 diving into the deep end of the diving pool with the aim of touching the bottom. Here I was 40 years later in near freezing conditions driving my bike to the bottom to touch the […]

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A great day for an Adventure

Chile to Argentina via Mt Baker We awoke to a fantastic sunrise over lake General Carrera and the alps of the Cerro Castillo national park. The plan yesterday was to travel around the lake and cross the border at Chile Chico, one of the more common and more used border crossings. One of the previous plans […]

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Malbec of Mendoza

Today I was booked on a winery tour in Mendoza. The lure of the grapes had started in the north of Argentina with my visit to Cafayete. 160kms north of Mendoza once again I was tempted as we drove through the fertile San Juan region. Today’s tour was about trying the flagship grape varietal of […]

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Another one bits the dust

The road to Cafayate

The day started with the navigation of the one way system of Salta and the morning traffic rush. Soon we were on the outer ring road which lead us on to highway 68 the main road south from Salta. 40Kms down this road we turned off onto highway 30, the start of a 160 Km diversion […]

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Chris rides on to the salt lake

Just a little salt

We awoke to a great view and the Sun rise of the Bolivian Salar. There had been a lot of debate over night regarding the much needed diesel and oil mix that we needed to apply to our bikes. Jo and Gareth had relayed their stories 8 years ago on riding across the Salar on […]

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Typical Toll Booth in Peru and Bolivia

To Pay or Not to Pay

After travelling through Peru we were slowly getting the hang of how all things work, one such example was the collection of road taxes etc. We often came across booths similar to the one in the photo where a tolls officer inside his booth would charge the trucks and cars the appropriate toll. Motorbikes were […]

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The girls dress up to match the locals

The Reed Islands of Titicaca

Day 11 started with a visit to the floating islands on lake Titicaca, these islands are famous for the life that the local indigenous people live. There are around 40 of these reed islands floating on the lake. These islands have been in existence for over 2000 years and have been refuge for many of […]

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