Chook of England

Well here I go again, off on another trip with the worldbybike team. (Why? Not sure at this stage will find the answer on the way)

The start of my journey begins at Heathrow airport with the friendly smile of a long time friend of mine “Chook” of England. Chook (Kevin Gorman) and I have been mates ever since we met while working together on the Rangipo and Ohaaki Power schemes back in 1983. 

I stayed with Kevin and his son Peter (shown here in the photo) while I prepped the bikes for the journey. Kevin has done a fantastic job for us ever since we arrived in London in last November weary from our African adventure. The bikes were in need of a lot of attention and Kevin made his workshop available to us and helped with the logistics of shuffling bikes to and from the BMW service agent in Oxford.

Kevin also arranged the storage of our bike at Richard Dalton’s farm. Richard (shown below) himself is a bit of an adventure junkie who is about to embark on a journey on his own to Italy in his trusty Citroen. 

 On behalf of the whole team we extend our thanks to Richard for allowing us to winter our bikes in safe storage on his farm. Thanks again Kevin for all your effort without this we would have found the London logistics too much for us.  

Anyway time to move on and head up country..

Tony A

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