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Poles Apart II – Northern Lights

Motorcycle touring Europe & the Arctic

Riders: Gareth Morgan, Jo Morgan, Phil Lough, Tony Armstrong, Roger Clausen, Chris Stephens,
Motorcycles: BMW F650 GS Dakar, BMW F650 GS
Distance: 15,136km
Countries: England, Scotland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Luthiania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Holland

Trip description: Part II of this years ‘Poles Apart’ theme. Our circular route for this journey takes in the many wonders of Europe whilst Gareth contemplates Climate Change in the face of the Northern polar ice cap.

Blogs from the trip



Another of these rebellious provinces who have held a referendum & declared independence, Transdneister is a breakaway slither of Moldova and we were told by border guards not to enter. But we found a farm track and did, spending an educational night in Tiraspol it’s capital. We paid a price for our curiosity – a […]

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Out of Russia

We are out of Russia and looking back I have managed to change some of my preconceived ideas of this huge place. They are a generous and wonderful people and a country that you feel very safe in as a woman traveller. We have been directed across towns and and had folk turn up with […]

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Russia’s Keystone Cops

Well we have left the great nation now and have enjoyed it immensely – especially the massive difference between North and South Russia- both in terms of climate and ethnicity and friendliness of the people. But one thing has been consistent across the Motherland – and that is the bizarre behaviour of the road police. […]

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Another Warm Welcome

Today we have followed the Volga river south approx 450 Klms to Astrakhan. Since before Volgagrad we have experienced the temperatures warming considerably and today were amazed as the rich crop lands gave way to quite arid land reminiscent of Mongolia complete with goats, cows and herdmen ambling across the road. But it’s the warmth of the […]

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