Birthday Party in Russian Style

Well another year has been counted off, and it was done in style. a forest home in central Russia, Tambov to be exact.

We have named this towns biking group as ‘hosts of the year”, what a feast and such great company and entertainment on the 4 wheeler bikes too.

I left with a birthday bottle of a famous brand of Russian Champagne to be consumed at the end of the Russian traverse, it nearly made it but was needed to celebrate Chris’s birthday a few days later after our swim in the  Volga.

You get the feeling during these trips that we are one people in the world and that there is a huge amount of good will to be found. Language isn’t an issue, a little helps but you can get most of the necessities with-out much of the spoken word.

Thanks to friends and family for the birthday emails too.

40 degrees today

and 90% humidity.


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