A funny incident a while back

Last bike in the group is the most vulnerable to being preyed on by the police in Russia.

I was waved in and stopped and informed of the traffic rule I had supposedly broken, fabricated incident.

Drivers license was examined in detail and I was told to get in the police car. No way I told them.

All this conversation is them  in Russian and me in English, they tried shouting but I looked blankly at them.

So off down the road with siren blaring goes the police car and finds one of the blokes ( sorry , one of my riding colleagues) and brings him back. He looks at me , shrugs and waves goodbye, and tells the police they can have me.

I sit by my bike eating and the Police drive away eventually.

This was a pre-arranged riding group strategy, they really would have missed me. Yea right.

Hope this works in NZ

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