Another of these rebellious provinces who have held a referendum & declared independence, Transdneister is a breakaway slither of Moldova and we were told by border guards not to enter. But we found a farm track and did, spending an educational night in Tiraspol it’s capital. We paid a price for our curiosity – a series of fines at the border the next day as we tried to get out. But it was well worth it.

The main difference? People a bit poorer than the surrounding, hardly rich, countries of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania, poxy roads and heaps of abandoned Soviet-style factories. No EU roadbuilding programmes here.

Reminiscent of Kosovo and South Ossetia, Transdneistr also has held a referendum in which the people have expressed the desire to be an independent state. Unlike the Kosovo referendum however, which was instantly recognised and approved by the West, the referenda in South Ossetia and Transdneistr were recognised by Russia and condemned by the West.

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