The motorways have had us crossing Germany, Holland, Belgium, and France very quickly. It’s not easy riding though with trucks galore and fast cars in the fast lane on your tail. Calais appeared with us all intact and it was vote time. Ferry or Tunnel ? Tunnel won out cos no one had been on it before and this of course is supposed to be an adventure!.

This is an impressive operation. We arrive through massive parking spaces, queue lanes, booths and flyovers etc that lead your vehicle train side, a silver slab sided snake. They start us driving into it. It’s double decked but we get the bottom level.  Being on bikes it’s easy to hop off and poke around before being reprimanded by a yellow vested budgie ( officlal). So chastised we ride on .. here’s some pics of that event.  so we park our bikes and naively go in search of the dining car. Ha! no such thing.. we are sealed in our tin can and stand/sit for the journey – understandably so too .. it’s only 30 minutes ( though it’s a long time to hold your breath). It was smooth and efficient – you virtually drive out straight on to the motorway to London ( but Dover calls for us).

Only gripes.. not much of a view from our window seats.. and Roger felt he would have to sell one of his BULLS to pay for it. Actually 112 Euro.. beats swimming. Check out the happy couple…. after 10 weeks on the road ..still a happy couple.

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