We passed into Slovakia yesterday, through a checkpoint charlie ghost town, weeds growing around the buildings. A sign of past control and the freedom and unity of belonging to to the EU. It was a great days riding too through back country roads and forests and ending up here in Levoca south of the Polish border. The area has been inhabited since the stone age (even the Mongolians got this far) and used to be quite a commercial center. It’s a walled city with 14 century , renaisance and all manner of architecture. ABC .. Another B…. Castle/Church to visit this morning.. will check out their torture techniques!

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  1. Tim Gibbes August 28, 2008 at 11:04 am #

    Interesting you went through Slovakia. I used to go to the combined countries of Czecho-slavakia between 1956 & 1963 when the cold war was really on, so it was occupied by 3 times more Russian soldiers & KGB “gentlemen” than locals.
    Rode several International Six Days Trials (the Olympic Games of Motorcycling) in there, plus quite a few MX some of which were GP’s. Naturally I didn’t get away unscathed from problems & bribes!
    Last time I was there was early 80’s so the people were still “recovering” from Russian rule, so they were still alkies, corrupt & not much employment, but believe it’s improved now.
    Always amused how the big statues changed from Stalin to the next Russian dictator, to the next, & the next each year I visited.
    Of course also visited Poland, East Germany, Hungary, Yugoslavia, etc about the same time.
    So interesting to read your exploits & do hope you get a chance to get off your bikes for a while.
    Morley Shirriffs just told me you were looking forward to some looking about & rest.
    Have fun, Tim

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