Tea with Queen

What better spot to land on England’s shores than the white cliffs or Dover. It was howling a gale so we didnt hover long and retreated to savour a Pint with FISH and CHIPS in town. It was amongst  these wonderful tastes and smells that Gareth recalled his regret of not finishing the Africa ride at Buckingham Palace in the heart of London. All were keen to brave London traffic and so a new course was set and it went surprising well. London has it’s green zone and congestion zone but we rode on through as motorcycles are exempt.

Once in Westminster “Zumo” gave us one wrong turn and it turned out to be a blessing for we arived at Buckingham palace to find a Police cordon just three cars in front. It was the Changing of the Guard!! We were off our bikes and doing what Tourist do .. just that we were in the middle of the street … After the guards had passed we lingered (while the traffic went bye) until a bobby came up cheerfully saying ” you know what i am going to say don’t you”.

Onward up The Mall we rode to Trafalgar Square for team photo. Then it was back to Buckingham Palace just in time to be stopped for another parade. It was shortlived for the green light was given and Gareth was caught still running around the middle of the interection taking shots and the rest of the kiwis were fiddling with kill switches and clunking into gear. Much to the amusement of other tourists….. taking shots of us taking shots. The constabluary heaved a good humoured collective sigh.

Photos of our meeting the Queen are here


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