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Gringos Across the Amazon

Jungle motorbike adventures in South America

Riders: Gareth Morgan, Jo Morgan
Motorcycles: BMW F800GS
Distance: 10,210km
Countries: Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia

Trip description: Back riding in Latin America – the plan is to start where we left off from the “Up the Andes’ ride – in Brazil. Plunging into the Amazon territories of Brazil, French Guyana, Suriname and Guiana – part road, part jungle and part river and sea crossings, is our first challenge.

Then we intend to follow that up with a traverse of Venezuela in time to get to, Colombia for Christmas. Feels like a great way to cap off a wonderful year of riding on the South American continent.

Blogs from the trip

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2000 km up the Amazon

We have left Belem and flown to Manaus and on to Tefe. Then a motorised canoe to Mamiraua an eco-lodge in the flooded forest area. Our cabin floats in a bend in the river and we are constantly seeing the huge caiman (crocs) cruising passed our abode. The area is at the end of the […]

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Belem, the mouth of the Amazon

We are in a wonderful French guest house as they have offered to mind the bikes when we go into the jungle for a week. Le Massilia is a haven among hot broken streets and big city bustle. Great french cuisine has been a treat after beans and tough meat of country Brazil. Gareth´s abrasions […]

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I thought he was dead

Riding out of the little country town we stayed in, lots of traffic, mainly trucks and suddenly Gareth and his bike are sliding down the road. Sparks are everywhere, he is rolling over and over, tumbling, rolling just like Aaron Slight used to at the Superbikes. Suddenly he’s up on his feet – again like […]

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Need a Hand?

North of Forteleza the roads have deteriorated, we dodge the potholes, then try to pass trucks dodging potholes without running into oncoming trucks dodging potholes. Who needs the thrills of a rally when this is real life in Brazil. Drivers are totally courteous but they tailgate you when trying to pass, no such thing as […]

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It was my fault

We are in a little town Idapecuru (I think) way up in the North East of Brazil. 2 more big days ride to get to Belem where we go up into the Amazon. We weren’t going to stay here but earlier in the day I lost my balance and knocked G off his bike as […]

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3 degrees below the Equator

It has been very hot on the road and yesterday we were cruising at 38 degrees and about 70% humidity. So sweat flows and you have to keep rehydrating. The trucks are ever present and since Fortaleza (small town of 2.5 million folk) the road quality has deteriorated so we dodge the broken seal and […]

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Coastal Relief

The beaches are superb all the way up this eastern coast and we’re only 6 degrees south of the equator now.The temperature difference just 10 miles inland is enormous, goes from hot to baking, so the more we can cling to the coast the cooler life is. The food is, well – South American – […]

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