It was my fault

We are in a little town Idapecuru (I think) way up in the North East of Brazil. 2 more big days ride to get to Belem where we go up into the Amazon. We weren’t going to stay here but earlier in the day I lost my balance and knocked G off his bike as well as falling myself. We were both stationary.
He wasn’t happy and his arm and wrist has got very sore as the day continued and so we stopped here. The uppity hotel receptionist told us to get lost and pointed to a lousey place down the road. I left Gareth sitting out side the lobby and went exploring for another place to stay. Then I came back and told “miss uppity” that the places were bad and we wanted to stay in her hotel. She said the hotel was closed., we sat outside the door and put a support bandage on Gareth’s arm. He didn’t look fit to ride anywhere. Then a nice polite man arrived and asked if we were staying. We explained that we would like to, and he ( the hotel manager) sorted the problem. Miss uppity I suspect has issues with dirty looking bikers, and won’t even look at me now. We have air-con, a king bed, and lock up garage for the bikes so it is perfect.
A couple of hours have passed and the pain isn’t so bad now, nothing broken it seems and now Gareth’s declared himself fit for a local Capriosca drink. Will have to see how swollen the hand gets over night, might need another recovery day.
We were headed for the gorgeous french town of Sao Luis on the East coast but who knows now.

Lots of love,
Really too hot and humid to be pleasant

Had a lovely day boat trip yesterday through the delta between the Piaui and Maranhau states and went out to a sand spit so we could swim in the warm Atlantic


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