Need a Hand?

North of Forteleza the roads have deteriorated, we dodge the potholes, then try to pass trucks dodging potholes without running into oncoming trucks dodging potholes. Who needs the thrills of a rally when this is real life in Brazil. Drivers are totally courteous but they tailgate you when trying to pass, no such thing as keeping a safe driving distance here. So surviving this chaos in the searing heat – 39 degrees, 75% humidity today – is an achievement we’re proud of.

Not so our manoeuvring of the bikes when stationary. The old concertina collapse occurred today, Jo lost her footing and her bike fell over – into mine, so we’re both prostrate. Very funny for the locals who rushed to help. No damage to the bikes, but my hand got crushed – just don’t expect to get whacked when you’re standing still minding your own business. Safer to be out in the traffic.

We’re trying to rig up a compromise throttle arrangement for my bike so I can keep riding. Only 2 days ride to Belem and we have to get there – if we want to fly 2,000 kms up the river deep into the bush. Maybe we’ll truck my bike if the hand is too bad.

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