Belem, the mouth of the Amazon

We are in a wonderful French guest house as they have offered to mind the bikes when we go into the jungle for a week. Le Massilia is a haven among hot broken streets and big city bustle. Great french cuisine has been a treat after beans and tough meat of country Brazil. Gareth´s abrasions are getting dressed twice daily as the sweaty heat makes open wounds an infection risk.
The other delight here is the wonderful natural museum of fauna and flora  In the 1850´s. Emilio Goeldi started this area as a `Kew Garden`and now it is a must visit. Sloths wander slothfully and huge eagles and enormous parrots cruise by free.  The caged jaguars are a sad sight but may be the only way of protecting a species as mankind bull-dozes our way to `success´

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