Belem, the mouth of the Amazon

We are in a wonderful French guest house as they have offered to mind the bikes when we go into the jungle for a week. Le Massilia is a haven among hot broken streets and big city bustle. Great french cuisine has been a treat after beans and tough meat of country Brazil. Gareth´s abrasions are getting dressed twice daily as the sweaty heat makes open wounds an infection risk.
The other delight here is the wonderful natural museum of fauna and flora  In the 1850´s. Emilio Goeldi started this area as a `Kew Garden`and now it is a must visit. Sloths wander slothfully and huge eagles and enormous parrots cruise by free.  The caged jaguars are a sad sight but may be the only way of protecting a species as mankind bull-dozes our way to `success´

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  1. Virginia Dysart November 9, 2010 at 10:45 pm #

    My God – couldn’t beleive what I was reading on your site when I just opened the computer just now after a week behind on your travel blog. Can only say thank god some-one upstairs must have been wanting you to survive and enjoy whats ahead still. The witch doctor is doing a fine job there shes more like Florence Nightingale administering all the right potions even the liquid ones hopefully !. You have been really stoic –” we will just get on with it” the old “Carry On Series” have nothing on you. What Adventure -you must be pleased to be in a comfortable place at the moment to replenish things a bit.

    That stinky hotel receptionist she would have been the last straw. Thoroughly enjoying your comments and to view Gareth’s Bike and the wounded soldier with his cheeky smile and comments – certainly you guys are not daunted and just pass it off as a little hiccup any way all the best for lots of good experiences now you will have good photos to share of it all.

    Nothing much happening back in little old N.Z. The World Rowing at Lake Karapiro really went off well supburb weather and viewing facilities and the old Waikato ideal for the competition – all happy outcome.
    Big world Dairy Summit Conference in Auckland at the moment they were expecting 600 to attend initially but beleive there are 2200 attending NZ is appealing as a global dairy leader and an attractive destination, they didn’t invite me along as a guest speaker unfortunately !!! Huge high over the country wonderful for living and sightseeing but here at home we would like a good solid downpour of rain as the newly sown grass in the paddocks is struggling needs some Brazilian downpours!
    Have said too much All the best and I hope that hombre you are with takes care of you Jo,
    and gets you back home in one piece to enjoy the good things about our little country.

    Best wishes,
    Virginia Dysart.

  2. Kay South End kgtn November 10, 2010 at 9:54 am #

    Wally says hi. The falls have been a bit rough on you both.Take care. I have a few kgtn children interested again with all your pictures. It is so exciting for them to learn about other countries and of course to see your motorbikes. Pleased you got into the nice hotel what a lovely lady she is.
    All the best with your next ride. My kgtn teacher will be in Columbia too in Dec she has a son living their. she is taking spainish
    lessons. Bye and a safe journey. Kay Wals daughter

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