The bikes are on the river boat

It is a big haul to get across the Amaxon. We managed to find the one room office of our email booking contact and hand over R$1200 “Cash Only” (about $900 NZ) on faith and get a receipt.            We will be collected 20 hours before embarkation to bring the bikes to the wharf so they can be loaded before the hordes arrive the next morning.
A lovely man, with little son pillion, arived to show us the way to the little back-water wharf area.

No way we said in unison as we saw the steep plank to the lower deck. Another plank was put there and surrounded by 6 locals and a rope boy to stop it getting out of control, and  my dear bike reached the safety of the deck. A couple of early travellers had to move their hammocks as the crew roped our babies to bed. We saw our cabin,,, 2 foot wide bunks covered in plastic, no window, but a private hole in the floor loo. Lots of bugs— no extra charge.  We then returned to the hotel to have a last night of air-con and french treats at the local cafe.
Packing now and have some extra food and the water filter. 40 hours on this smallish ferry with 850 others mainly hanging on hammocks above the greasy decks. Top floor sells booze and loud music plays. Booking 5 months ago means we are with the lucky 20 in one of the 10 shoebox sized cabins. Should be some great photos to come

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