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Coastal Relief

The beaches are superb all the way up this eastern coast and we’re only 6 degrees south of the equator now.The temperature difference just 10 miles inland is enormous, goes from hot to baking, so the more we can cling to the coast the cooler life is.

The food is, well – South American – a hell of a lot of tough meat. Everyone seems to chew on toothpicks continuously after they’ve been subjected to their all-meat lunches. But the national drink – the capriosca, which you get into at sundown (5.30pm at this latitude)  – is addictive. I think I prefer it to the Pisco Sours of the western seaboard of South America, although I need to keep having them to be sure. A glass of crushed ice, 2 shots of vodka, 4 lime wedges, couple of teaspoons of sugar – that’s all it is, just delightful.

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