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Gringos Across the Amazon

Jungle motorbike adventures in South America

Riders: Gareth Morgan, Jo Morgan
Motorcycles: BMW F800GS
Distance: 10,210km
Countries: Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia

Trip description: Back riding in Latin America – the plan is to start where we left off from the “Up the Andes’ ride – in Brazil. Plunging into the Amazon territories of Brazil, French Guyana, Suriname and Guiana – part road, part jungle and part river and sea crossings, is our first challenge.

Then we intend to follow that up with a traverse of Venezuela in time to get to, Colombia for Christmas. Feels like a great way to cap off a wonderful year of riding on the South American continent.

Blogs from the trip

I may live in Holland but I'm still 100% Suriname

Suriname Independence Day

We’ve hit the country on Independence Day – 35 years since they said goodbye to Dutch rule. It hasn’t been all (Parbo) beer and skittles since then although with a series of military coups having been the style of governance since.This was pretty well forseen by the locals with half the population fleeing to Holland […]

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French Guyana

Although its per capita GDP is 10 times that of Guyana and 3 times that of Suriname, we figure it’s not because they are all rich in French Guyana but rather because there is such a large population of French people here running the colony and the space programme, they lift the average. Because when […]

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Papillon Book Cover

Papillon’s Island

Always been a dream to get to this island to see just what the environment was for the prisoners sent here by the French. Made famous by the book by Henri Charriere but more significantly the location where Alfred Dreyfus was imprisoned after being falsely accused of espionage for the Germans – he later was […]

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North from Macapa

We left Macapa dripping sweat in 30 degrees, humidity must be near 100%.  We have a dinner date in Calcoene about 350 km away and pleasantly surprised by the road having seal all the way, with only occasional works throwing us into the red dust. Our host Mickie, seems to be community central in this town  […]

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Across the River Delta

Across the mouth of the Amazon, or more accurately the Amazon delta is a mere 333kms as the crow flies. But our river boat can’t be so efficient so instead it weaves its way through the most narrow of channels, crosses wide open rivers and into more channels until finally, some 36 hours and 440 […]

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