3 degrees below the Equator

It has been very hot on the road and yesterday we were cruising at 38 degrees and about 70% humidity. So sweat flows and you have to keep rehydrating. The trucks are ever present and since Fortaleza (small town of 2.5 million folk) the road quality has deteriorated so we dodge the broken seal and on and off the huge road works that seem to be creating new roads for the areas.We have come up into the hills in the inland area called the “furnace” for a cool night in the National Park known for the great caves you can visit by cable way.
This first part of our trip gets us up to Belem on the Amazon River mouth, and has been a long haul 5000 km and that is less than half of the length of Brasil. We have only seen one gorgeous iridescent green snake that Gareth ran over as it slithered across the road. The memory of the Brazil we have crossed so far is of a power-house of production and industrious people intent on working very hard for the good life they want. Music and rhythm are every where and the old guys at the next table burst into song last night and produced instruments to continue boogying the night away. xx Jo

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