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On the evening of our arrival in Beijing on Friday 8th July the New Zealand Ambassador to China, Tony Browne hosted a reception for us at the NZ Embassy in Beijing. Present were members of the local BMW owners club, together with other invited guests from the local and expatriate community. There was also a […]

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I put Salt on Mine!

The food on our ride has been varied in quality and taste ,but there has been one vegetable that has been consistently outstanding and that has been the tomato .We have all agreed that the flavour of the tomato’s, particulary those we have sampled through Central Asia and China reminds us of the wonderful but […]

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A Lobby for the Bikes

We arrived in Luochuan after an easy but wet ride from Xian. Easy in the sense that it was only a little over 200ks however there were still the challenges of avoiding trucks passing on blind corners ,cars cutting in when they find that there is oncoming traffic and the wonderful slow farming machinery that […]

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Great Walls of China

One of the sights we had been anticipating on our adventure has been the Great Walls of China. I say walls plural, because there have been about a dozen “great walls” built, the first around 500BC. We started to see the first evidence of one of the walls as we crossed the Taklamakan Desert and […]

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Tackling the Taklamakan

Since we crossed the Torugat pass and moved out onto the Taklamakan Desert we have seen the “Desert Twisters” that the Taklamakan is famous for. There is probably a local name for it but let me describe (we have also posted a photo in the latest upload to the website). The wind blows almost all […]

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A Volga Return

  You may remember Gareth had been having starting troubles, due to a failure of the push button start system Dave and I had rigged a substitude solenoid from a Russian Volga Salon. We had ordered a replacement which arrived in Tashkent about a week after it was ordered Dave and Selwyn brought the part […]

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