I put Salt on Mine!

The food on our ride has been varied in quality and taste ,but there has been one vegetable that has been consistently outstanding and that has been the tomato .We have all agreed that the flavour of the tomato’s, particulary those we have sampled through Central Asia and China reminds us of the wonderful but now virtually unobtainable in New Zealand “beef steak” tomato of our younger days.

We have discussed what gives particularly the tomato’s we are eating in China their wonderful flavour. We were discussing this last night when the discussion suddenly ceased and we all looked at each other .

“No it couldn’t be ,could it?” ,said Gareth

“What do you mean?” I said.

“Well” he said ,”with out spelling it out ,you remember the joke about the two ladies in Remuera talking about what they put on their strawberries ,one said she put horse manure on hers and the other looks mystified and said she put cream on hers?”

” Well” he goes on.” there are one point three billion Chinese.”

I blanch, I will continue to put salt on mine!

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