A Lobby for the Bikes

We arrived in Luochuan after an easy but wet ride from Xian. Easy in the sense that it was only a little over 200ks however there were still the challenges of avoiding trucks passing on blind corners ,cars cutting in when they find that there is oncoming traffic and the wonderful slow farming machinery that use the roads and highways. But none of this is new and dare I say it we are getting pretty adept at staying up right in these conditions.

What was new, was, when we arrived at our accommodation the lady manager was concerned about the security of the bikes if left parked at the front of the hotel, Dave jokingly said, using his unique sign language what about we park them inside in the lobby, with only a moments hesitation she indicated yes ,so it was up the slippery marble ramp (it was still raining) and into the lobby this caused huge interest to a large group of locals who had gathered.

We got some great photos and video and the bikes are tucked up warm and dry in the hotel lobby and not a word of English was used to achieve this just Dave with his wonderful sign language and Rick our Chinese guide translating!!

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