A Volga Return


You may remember Gareth had been having starting troubles, due to a failure of the push button start system Dave and I had rigged a substitude solenoid from a Russian Volga Salon. We had ordered a replacement which arrived in Tashkent about a week after it was ordered Dave and Selwyn brought the part with them and we fiitted it a few days ago it lasted a day before failing again.

This seems to confirm our thoughts that there is a wiring harness problem causing a voltage drop and hence burning out the solenoid. So out came the Volga switch again it was refitted and the bike has been starting again, of course it does depend on Gareth doing the full start sequence in order, he still stuggles with this but at least the bike will start and local motor cycle admirers in China can be guaranteed to be amused, mystified, and non plussed as Gareth wrestles in his nether regions to start his bike. I still think BMW should consider the Volga mod as an an optional extra!!

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