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Gringos in the Village - take cover

Sunday in Honduras

We are on the road to Neuve Ocotepeque and have to get across a mountainous divide, but the GPS and map have a line that should indicate a road. We turn off the ribbon of seal onto corrugations and ruts, pea gravel on top of hard clay and huge boulders imbedded in the clay from […]

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On the road again

We lost two days with Gareth’s bike issue. It was a very frustrating day waiting for a truck that was due at 9am and then at 2 we cancelled as it was still two hours away and got it on a local truck down to the Harley dealer in Managua. This is the only guy […]

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Heat and history

As we were frying on the road, yesterday, I glance across yet another huge Nicaraguan lake and see two more perfect volcanic cones. Wisps of smoke rising from the tops of these ones too. We have seen lots of volcanos and there are at least 11 in this small country of about 8 million folk. […]

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Revenge is sweet and so when I found a south American snake, black on the top and yellow on the under-side I thought of my dear friend, David Wallace. Not the Dave Wallace that is on the trip with us but another one, and both dairy farmers. Anyway a snake bit my mate David Wallace […]

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Mt Arenal, a very alive volcano

Thank God for GPS technology as the many unmarked corners in the Costa Rica countryside would have us well and truly lost, but with the mountain lodge in our destination we wound on through 35 degree valleys and up the cooler lush hillsides. The last 15 kms were bone jarring pot-holes and rocky ruts, then […]

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Jo both legs down, panniers too close to the safety netting

Into Costa Rica

We were on the road shortly after first light and found a local food place where we got coffee and boiled eggs ,,, we wondered just how bad the bridge could be. We had read blogs about this bridge with one biker in hospital and another falling twice on it. Another biker told Gareth we […]

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Wonderful jungle roads and high wires

After a dip in the Pacific Ocean and watching the sun go down clutching a cold beer we wondered how so few food and accommodation places got it right. This one with location, location,,,,,,, is semi derelict, the woman is surly and the food marginal. Open sewers and rubbish don’t seem to discourage the locals […]

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