Mt Arenal, a very alive volcano

Thank God for GPS technology as the many unmarked corners in the Costa Rica countryside would have us well and truly lost, but with the mountain lodge in our destination we wound on through 35 degree valleys and up the cooler lush hillsides. The last 15 kms were bone jarring pot-holes and rocky ruts, then the gate man tells us it is fully booked but we can go visit the gardens and look at the view, for $5 each. It better be good we mutter as we hand over the dosh.

It was a great outlook right to the cone of the mountain and over last years lava flows. We hoped to get a live performance and watched the seismograph for action but nothing more than distant rumbles and billows of smoke were on offer for us.

The good news was – there had been a cancellation so we could stay in a cabin and watch the cone glow all night, but more exciting than that was the bird life, thousands of species and all talking at once. I chanced upon a “dog sized” black creature that may be a Jaguarundis or a black pizote.
Free WiFi had us leaving late and in the heat, then Dave found a “short-cut” that had us rock-hopping for 10 km to the main road. Down to the low lands and 37 degrees and a night in Liberia a short ride to the border with Nicaragua.

Health wise we are doing well. I had a funny tummy for a week but ok now. Dave has been told that the biting flies lay eggs on you and they turn to maggots under the skin, the treatment is raw bacon on the bite to lure the maggots out, anyway he reckons they bit him and I won’t listen. Gareth well and loving the political intrigue he discovers in these places.

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