Where have all the manhole covers gone to?

These steel covers must be a very sought after commodity as there are so many missing. I didn’t realise how many there are until they were gone, and you peer 5m down into the depths of infrastructure as you drive by. Would they be used as BBQ plates or some other use?

Trucks cars and buses swerve around these holes.
You don’t want to be following another vehicle too closely as it limits the view of the road ahead and going into one of these would be very painful. I know, as I had a manhole cover flick over in Uzbekistan and throw me on my face, giving me the most amazing bruises and there’s still a dent in my cheek. My history does mean that the boys always point and say “watch for the manhole, Jo”

In some parts of the world, locals put a big branch or a length of pipe or wood in the hole, to give you a bit of warning.

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