On the road again

We lost two days with Gareth’s bike issue. It was a very frustrating day waiting for a truck that was due at 9am and then at 2 we cancelled as it was still two hours away and got it on a local truck down to the Harley dealer in Managua. This is the only guy in the area with any expertise in fuel injection and he (Giovanni) was fast. The problem was a jammed fuel pump as the filter had fallen off it’s intake and some grit had got in. Luckily it could be cleaned.

So to the road again, with a couple of days to make up to be in sync with Gareth’s spread-sheet.

We zap across the hill country border near Danli, into Honduras. Far fewer problems than anticipated so into the hills to a historic village Valley of the Angels, reminiscent of Arrowtown. Wonderful tight curves made it a great ride and we finish the day tired, our bikes parked through the foyer and into the pool area of a nice hotel. $50 bucks for three big beds Wi-Fi and breakfast. 350km plus a border is a big day in the heat and with variable road conditions.

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