Dr Ropata

We are in Guatemala, Dr Ropata

I had never heard of Dr Ropata before I came to Guatemala and now I can’t get away from the comments.
Dave was the first to let us know about this piece of NZ TV history. It even has a facebook page.
We have had a few days of cutting out the miles, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvadore and at last Guatemala. We are having the first day off for ages it seems and I have spent some of the morning tensioning my chain and replacing my rear brake pads. Not bad getting nearly 40,000 km from a set of brake pads, especially with the weight that we carry on our steeds.
The old capital of Central America was Antigua, and after an earthquake destroyed much of this city in 1773, the now capital, of Guatemala City was built.
Wonderful ruins abound, and the city is built around the old structures, so you can find a fuel station hidden behind ancient portals or the Subway or Burger King tucked behind an elaborate façade. It seems a wonderful use of the historical remnants and results in better care of the remains. The central cathedral of 30 domes has parts still lying where they fell during the earthquake and a new impressive church butted onto the old.
We bounced into town on the cobbled streets and found a place to stay with a rooftop view across miles of red tiled roofing. It is a bit cooler at 1500m and we love Guatemala Dr Ropata.

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