Down to the wire & still 600kms to go. Will it make it? Yes!!


Well this is a bike trip so I suppose we should talk about these trusty beasts that take us.

Gareth’s rear tyre is getting a bit bald, as is he, but we can fix the tyre. Hopefully it will be ok as we only have 1200 km to the end of this ride. Gareth also had the fuel pump issue that was fixed in Nicaragua
I’ve had to do a chain adjustment and replaced my rear brake pads, but that is all. I also had a day where the bike kept “missing” and filling it with fuel helped so next time this happened I rode the tank dry as I suspect there was dirty fuel or a bit of water in there and it fixed the problem. I did run out in the wops and Gareth and Dave went and brought some fuel back, they were nearly out of gas too that day.
No punctures so far, makes me wonder why I have so many tubes in my luggage.

The 10,000km length of this ride has meant we haven’t done an oil change yet. Might do one pre shipping if I get time.

Very happy with the machines.

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