Mexican delights

We are really enjoying the Pacific coast of Mexico.
From the hot, scrubby, arid interior of Mexico to Porto Escondido where we lay in the sea’s shallows as the huge rolling surf was too much.
Surfers played in the clear blue briny while we had a day of rehydration and then continued back into the interior of Mexico for a night before Acapulco. It was only 420 km from Pto Escondido to Acapulco but we can only average about 50 km per hour because of traffic conditions and speed bumps, so we did this in 2 half day rides to reduce the time in the over-powering heat.
The little inland town on the main drag was overpopulated by men with machine guns,,,, we discovered this after finding a place to stay. I went up to one of them and asked in my best Spanglish if it was safe for us to be here, and he walked away from the nearby locals and said “No”. We also spoke to the locals who said it was fine there, just be careful in Acapulco. Anyway it was fine and we found a great dirt floored, seafood restaurant with the best food ever.
The 200km to Acapulco took us 5 hours and then an illegal U-turn in town introduced us to the cops, who reduced the fine significantly for cash. Lots of utes cruise by with black clad, masked, machine-gun ready military on the back. A helicopter cruised overhead guns hanging from the open sides while we were swimming this morning. I think the show of might is meant to make us feel safer. Huge problems here with the drug lord wars and 35,000 deaths in recent times.

Missing my friends and family and grand-babies so it is good to be on the home gallop.

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