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Fuel Update

We have two more countires to add to our fuel comparision list. Here is the summary spreadsheet. Petrol 95 Octane Country Cost per litre Equivalent NZD per Litre % more Expensive than NZ England  1.26 $3.30 33.86% Iceland  182 $2.89 24.54% Denmark 11.05 $2.76 21.09% Norway 14.02 $3.63 39.95% New Zealand   $2.18   Norway […]

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The Price of Gas

My first exposure to EU pricing came after I picked up the first Dakar from storage in England. I pulled in a the Shell service station in Ickenham only to find that it cost ₤ 17 sterling to fill one of the bikes. The bikes weren’t completely empty but the fuel lights were on.   In […]

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Chook of England

Well here I go again, off on another trip with the worldbybike team. (Why? Not sure at this stage will find the answer on the way) The start of my journey begins at Heathrow airport with the friendly smile of a long time friend of mine “Chook” of England. Chook (Kevin Gorman) and I have […]

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Plates and ladders

Dealing with the Egyptian Traffic Police is like playing snakes and ladders. Land on the right square on the right day and you will progress up the ladders and get to your destination. Land on the wrong square and the snakes will ensure you’re in for lengthy delays. Our first mission was to get an […]

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Boys with Hair

People you meet on the road

Travelling in Africa brings people together, whether these are the locals from the country you are travelling in or whether they are fellow travellers on the same route. While looking through the photo archives I discover a photo of a couple that seems familiar. Does anyone know who these two fine gentlemen are?

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