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The brother (and sister) hood of bikers

If you’re riding a motorcycle in the Northwest, you’re never lonely or wanting for conversation. Up here bikerdom is a fraternal order. All the bikers wave (even most of the Harley riders) and at gas stations fellow riders are quick to wander across and compare notes on roads, campgrounds and stories. Its a truly liberating […]

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South To Alaska – The Ride Back To Fairbanks

The triple glazed insulation of the Deadhorse pre-fab meant that the impact of walking outside into below freezing temps was fairly dramatic. Finding gas wasn’t as easy as it should be at America’s largest oilfield, then we had to find a workshop to properly bead the tyre on Gareth’s bike, following a series of flats […]

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North to Alaska – The Ride To Prudhoe

The weather gods smiled on us for the run up to Prudhoe. What could have been four days of pure hell, instead were three days of pleasantly challenging riding and one toughie. We were prepared for toughness, what we weren’t prepared for was the gobsmacking beauty of the place. The ride up to Atigun pass […]

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Nirvana, Prudhoe & the Weather

In 1991 Kurt penned a song called “Territorial pissings” – it appeared as the 7th track on Nirvana’s anthemic Album “Never Mind’ and gives an alien like perspective on man’s propensity to want to mark his territory by taking symbolic journeys. Over the last few weeks as we’ve pushed North and the torrent of Harley’s […]

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The Children Along The Way

The bikes, the accents and the maps on the panniers make for easy icebreakers with locals along the way. Not that kids need icebreakers – they just bowl up and ask questions or fix us with big smiles. We’re delighted with the directness of their contact and the opportunity to see our trip through their […]

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The Global Village – Here in the Yukon

A savagely cold and wet ride 570 ks up the Klondike yesterday to Dawson City, home of the Koondyke Gold Rush. That is when the sun didn’t come out – talk about changable! So there we were last night sitting in a bar in Dawson swapping road stories with a bloke called Fred who’d pilotted […]

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Reflections on a week on Canadian roads

First things first – the Canadian Rockies kick ass. The scale, the granduer the light – these fellas beat the American Rockies that I have seen, hands down.  And the wildlife is astounding – to date we have seen (some pretty damn close) around 30 bears, plus Elk, Moose and Caribou.  And yesterday Dave saw […]

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The Beartooth Highway

40 years ago a bloke called Pirsig penned a novel that most publishers laughed at. But one took a punt and within three months “Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance” was on the NY Times best sellers list. As well as turning on a whole generation of folks to the concept of “popular philosophy”, […]

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A little handgun action

A little handgun action

We finished the servicing in the early afternoon and after getting lost in the mountain borough of Bozeman, managed to find the Jermunson estate. Karl and Neil had done us proud, setting out a buffet of handguns for the World By Bike crew to sample. We started with .22 Revolvers and Automatics. Feeling confident we […]

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When the going gets weird, Wallace is King

Some say he is the lost love child of Wonder Woman and Oscar the grouch. Others say he was found under a Motul box and brought up by a Formula 1 tech team. We just call him “Dave”. And Dave was at his indefatiquable best in the normally sleeply little mountain town of Red Lodge […]

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