The Children Along The Way

The bikes, the accents and the maps on the panniers make for easy icebreakers with locals along the way.

Not that kids need icebreakers – they just bowl up and ask questions or fix us with big smiles. We’re delighted with the directness of their contact and the opportunity to see our trip through their eyes. And by giving them a sit or ride on the bikes we feel a bit closer to our own kids (or grandkids as the case may be).

We camped last night at Moon Lake just inside the Alaska Border – then rode to Delta Junction and enjoyed one of those breakfasts that American’s have made an art form. Sitting across from us were Toby and Gordie, on their way to go fishing with their folks. And man, they liked our bikes.

After breakfast we popped them up on the saddles and showed them how all the gear worked. Their smiles were ample reward and bathed us in light for the push up to Fairbanks.

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