A little handgun action

We finished the servicing in the early afternoon and after getting lost in the mountain borough of Bozeman, managed to find the Jermunson estate.

Karl and Neil had done us proud, setting out a buffet of handguns for the World By Bike crew to sample. We started with .22 Revolvers and Automatics. Feeling confident we moved up to 9mm Autos, which the team proved surprisingly accurate with.

Then a lovingly tooled .357 magnum Smith & Wesson. Firing wadcutters at small balloons.

Then the big one. Yep, that’s right a Ruger Blackhawk in .44 Magnum. The favoured handgun of Harry Callahan (aka Dirty Harry).

Until you’ve fired a 44 magnum you don’t know what power is. The earth shakes. Foliage and small trees get bent over by the muzzle blast and whatever it connects with ceases to exist.

Check out the pic of the lovely Jo looking lethal with the big Ruger.

Thanks Karl and Neil for a great Montanan afternoon.

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