The Global Village – Here in the Yukon

A savagely cold and wet ride 570 ks up the Klondike yesterday to Dawson City, home of the Koondyke Gold Rush. That is when the sun didn’t come out – talk about changable!

So there we were last night sitting in a bar in Dawson swapping road stories with a bloke called Fred who’d pilotted his 1150 Adventure from Maine and, like us, is headed to Prudhoe.

Then a friendly chap comes along and in a pure Waikato accent says “are you Gareth & Jo? And where’s Dave?”. And so we meet Bill, a retired dairy farmer currently on a bus tour and following our moves on the website (and reading the Silkriders Book).

If ever you needed confirmation that it is a small world, even in the furtherest Yukon – here it is. Good on you Bill – great to meet you.

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