The Long Drop Ep.18 – The Last Leg

Gareth meets up with a dear Kiwi friend who is doing amazing work with Russian teens and is blown away just what an APEX Conference does for a city!

Into Vladivostok that is completing our 5,300 kms Russian leg of the journey. A quick flick of 87 kms and rendezvouing with Rachael Hughes at a bus stop on the outskirts of the city where she and daughter Olive await. Rachel escorts us into the Hotel Incanto in downtown – which is just as well as the ubiquitous roadworks have shut off the street and the hotel, hidden behind a steel door and on a back section between shops would have been impossible for us to locate anyway. Then Dave and I do a quick reconnoitre of the suburbs with Rachel’s help to locate some tyres. We want 3 rear tyres if possible – the 6,000 kms on these ones have punished them and the chances of getting any in North Korea are, well, zilch.

Rest of the day is tourist time and a promenade along the beachfront where people are swimming – note to do that tomorrow, to swim in Amur Bay off the Sea of Japan, looks too good to miss like last year’s swim off the Indian Ocean side of Madagasacar. Then to Giovanni Pizza restaurant for spaghetti bolognese and pina coladas to finish the day – off to bed just short of midnight.

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