The Long Drop Ep.19 – Playing Tourists

Jo puts on her Party dress that was stuffed in her baggage and hits Vladivostok. What an amazing city to be in.

Around the Hotel Primoyre for the all you can eat buffet breakfast only to find having paid our 350 Ru per head at 9.55 am that the staff removed the food at 10 am, instilling in me a somewhat loud rebuke which had the desired effect eventually of making the food reappear. Then down to the train station to see the Trans Siberian come in and across to the ferry terminal to at least sea the XXX ferry four South Korea and Japan. This was to be our Plan B exit from Vladivostok but it sails after our Russian visas expire. So if the entry to North Korea fails our only option now is to ride back to Vladivostok, arrange for our bikes to be shipped and then fly out before the visas expire. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Rachael’s husband Durham gave us a Tiki Tour across Vladivostok today across two fantastic cable stayed bridges, one of which is the world’s largest and link the city to Russky Island across the East Bosphrous Strait. On the island we joined the throngs at a local beach for 10 minutes anyway – way more crowded that the beach at Mount Maunganui at Christmas, and a somewhat less attractive seascape to boot!

Tonight it’s a seafood restaurant overlooking the city and a gesture of thanks to Rachael and Durham for all the help they’re being to us while we’re in Vlad.

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