The Long Drop Ep.17 – Jo’s Birthday

It’s the big day for Jo but can it get any grubbier and will it just continue to go downhill from here!  Isn’t it a shame. Dave makes a woman’s day by picking flowers for her while Gareth plays a little Russian roulette with the local motorists!

Not much of treat for her today sadly – she woke up in a roadside truckstop and went to bed in another, albeit 465 kms up the road and just 100km short of Vladivostok. But at least she’s doing what she likes doing riding her motorcycle around the world. Hot day again today although we set out in dense fog this morning which was with us for the first 90 minutes. We thought it was going to velvet carpet all the way, but the last 20 kms was roadworks and dust. The traffic as we near the big smoke is very busy indeed so the dust count is really high. But at least tonight’s Gostinitsa has showers so we can wash the dust off – better than last night’s. Furthermore, on learning that it’s Jo’s birthday the restaurant shouts her a bottle of champagne  – try country hospitality at the Gostinitsa Jolly Roger.

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