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Final day problems

Well we are early on the road to get to Bogota and sort the end of trip stuff that has to be done. Bike storage, getting luggage cleaned and boots scrubbed for immigration and agricultural checks back into NZ. All seems well and our GPS route matches the road signs today, a pleasant change.
Heading up a hill on a narrow, no verge, two way section I get the horrid feeling of a flat tyre, my rear is wobbling around. But then the noise of grating metal as the wheel starts to seize up and I look for anywhere I won´t be hit by the following truck. Gareth comes back, looking for me after a few minutes, and we get the bike pushed into a drive-way a way down the hill.   There is no way it can be ridden. The rear wheel bearing is completely collapsed.

I wait and G goes in pursuit of a little vehicle recovery truck that has gone passed us. While I wait, a couple of local dogs take a dislike to me and one nips the back of my leg. I´m pleased when Gareth returns smiling. The tow truck has luckily stopped in the next village and lots of sign language has him coming to collect my bike back in an hour.
So I spend the last two hours of my South America trip on a truck and get delivered to the BMW showroom. I am counting my blessings as this was one of the few place on this ride we have been within reach of repair facilities and help.

Gareth rides up to the BMW shop, grinning as he is the only one to completely finish the South American circumnavigation. Bugger! Bother

Thanks to all who sent comments and emails to us on this adventure.

Home to be a good Nana and have a family Christmas.

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  1. Virginia Dysart December 18, 2010 at 3:13 am #

    Wonderful story I can’t beleive how lucky you were to get the breakdown right at the end if it had to happen – you would be disappointed Jo- nevermind you have both done so well to accomplish it all by yourselves and not to have come to grief too badly so not able to make it. I hope the family have the champagne out for you back home -you will get a great welcome. Thank you once again for sharing your exploits – a big effort keeping that up I don’t know how you do it. I hope you put the :Do not Disturb : sign up on the bedroom door at home to fully recover from all those adrenalin pumping incidents you certainly have been very generous in your writings.
    Kind wishes and a happy xmas and great year to follow.

    Virginia Dysart.

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