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Up the Andes – Again

At last, we’re in the Andes again. It seems an age since we saw them last – indeed it was back in March, way down in Terra del Fuego where they rise out of the sea. And here we are today rejoining them at their northernmost tip in Venezuela. It’s been too long. This is a big continent and coming up the eastern side has kept us well away from mountains and of late down on the hot and humid jungle plains. The sight of our first real hills for so long had a noticeable impact – we sped up once they were in view and were overjoyed to be winding our way up their forested eastern side and even more beset with a sense of achievement up at 4,000 metres to see the bare desert of the tops. Mind you there was no lingering this time around. Last time we ascended 4,000 metres in a day we ended up on oxygen and drugs to deal with the altitude sickness. So a quick stop for some pics and then back down to 1500 metres for the night, was the order of today. But it’s great to be back

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