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Petrol -head heaven

Into Venezuela, horror stories of rip-offs and attacks are all you hear. We pull into the fuel station to fill the bikes and the extra tanks – just in case.
Gareth is yelling at me, “What is a 100 worth?”
“Only $NZ 20” I tell him
“Are we being ripped off he wants more I think”
“No he’s  giving it back, he wants you to go away it is too much money to change, the petrol is free.” I pull a 5 Bolli note out and offer it and the relieved fuel man says thanks.
Gareth took a while checking his numbers and couldn’t believe it NZ$ 1 for nearly 35 litres. “You must have got the decimal point in the wrong place” he mutters looking at me.
Suddenly you realise why the local taxis are the huge yank-tanks of the past and the roads are full of big inefficient chevs of another era.
Petrol cheaper than water. See cars of Venezuela here

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